Amen Paper Company has a story that starts all the way back in 2011. Jess Connolly was a stay at home mom with three small kids, who had sticky notes of scripture all over her walls and knew there had to be a better way. On a whim, she decided to create an Etsy Shop that combined her love of God's Word and her love of art, selling what she called "scripture prints", even though those weren't really a thing at the time. 

Over the years the small endeavor grew to a family business. The Connollys brought on employees and moved off Etsy. God grew Naptime Diaries and everyone was so grateful. In 2016, the Connollys perceived a shift was coming - they knew their season of running the business was coming to an end. They thought perhaps the business might close, but God had other things in store. 

In the meantime, Helen Brooks was watching a video of the Naptime Diaries team explaining why the business would be closing when her heart was stirred and the wheels started moving. A few days later Jess and Helen were on the phone and in the weeks and months to come, many many talks and many many prayers led to one great decision: The Connolly family AND the Brooks' family would run the business together, under the new name Amen Paper Company. 

Our mission is the same: we want to creatively write scripture on as many hearts and homes as we can. We want to see this generation come alive and fall in love with God's Word. We want to encourage and inspire people all over the world with our art. 

This is the very beginning of a new story,
and we're so grateful you're a part of it! 

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